Sponsor An Animal

The sponsorship program gives you a way to support the Happy Herd and also connect with one of our animals in particular.

Your donation is used for things like food, bedding, and medical care. Your donation also goes into a general fund which allows us to build infrastructure, and enables us to pay for operational expenses.

As a thank you for your annual sponsorship, you or your gift recipient will received:

  • An emailed sponsorship certificate
  • An emailed factsheet about your sponsor animal
  • A mailed magnet print of your sponsor animal
  • A quarterly update on the Happy Herd and your sponsor animal, exclusively for sponsors
  • An invitiation to visit the sanctuary for a tour and to meet your sponsor animal
  • An official donation receipt for tax purposes (please note that the donation receipt cannot be issued to anyone other than the person making the donation)

You can choose “Lucky Dip” as your animal and we will choose an animal for you based on the monthly/annual amount you have chosen and which animal is most in need of a new sponsor.

You can join our Compassion Club for VIP sponsors who donate a monthly donation of more than $100 each month or an annual donation over $1000.

Email us at sponsor@happyherd.org, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Animals To Sponsor