Volunteering at the Happy Herd

Volunteers are incredibly important in the running of a sanctuary. Volunteers help in many ways, the daily cleaning of stalls, food preparation and the feedings. At times we also need help with maintenance, such as building, repair, painting or gardening.

If you are interested in volunteering for us we would love to have you. It is important that you are over the age of 16 or accompanied by an adult/guardian. We kindly ask if you could commit to at least a month, preferably 3 – 6 months so we can schedule and rely on a person to help us out on a scheduled basis. We don’t mind the odd person coming to help for a day, but as we grow and the demand for volunteering rises, we are getting organized with weekly volunteer sheets/groups. We want to make sure that there is work to do and that the work can get done on a daily basis for all our animals.

We are starting volunteer group sheets (daily slots are limited) where you can leave your number and email so if you cannot make it you can call up another volunteer to fill in your spot. The more organized we are, the more commitment we have from our amazing volunteers, the better the experience will be for you and for the animals aka our family members. They also enjoy seeing the same, familiar faces and love to bond with volunteers that can commit to a specific schedule.

Once we have you sign up with what day you can commit to for about 2 – 3 hours, we will then send out a group list with the start date and orientation. We only have limited spaces for each day to guarantee every volunteer work and time for the animals.

On the first day new members will go through a short orientation regarding safety, animal handling and supplies. We kindly ask all our volunteers to respect certain rules and to handle tools and property with care and place them back where they belong.

We do not permit outside dogs since our chickens, ducks and turkey are free to wander around the property and this is their home.

The general volunteer work isn’t difficult but time consuming, yet extremely rewarding. Safety is our utmost priority and that’s why we must stress that children or teenagers must be accompanied by an adult/guardian. The work does revolve around animals and it is important to know how to handle them or how to behave around them. Our animals/family members are extremely calm and nice, yet caution is always required at all times, remember, some weigh much more than we do.

More Information about Volunteering at the Happy Herd below………

Volunteering - Happy Herd

Volunteering Hours

Please bring your own lunch and drinks.

Monday:  9am – 11:30am
Tuesday: no volunteers
Wednesday: 9am – 11:30am
Thursday: 9am – 11:30am
Friday: 9am – 11:30am

Saturday: Open for visits by email appointment only
Sunday: Open for visits by email appointment only


There is no convenient public transportation to our Sanctuary therefore private or group arranged transportation must be organized by the volunteers.

If you love animals, like to spend some time outdoors and don’t mind getting dirty, while enjoying the company of farm animals, this is the right volunteer job for you. Contact us now and tell us your preferred day and how long you can commit to, supply us with your name, number and email address and we will confirm your start day.

We are extremely excited to meet you and work with you, our animals love volunteers and cannot wait to give you some fun times to remember at The Happy Herd!

Thank you very much for your interest in volunteering and we are looking forward meeting you!

What Does Volunteering at an Animal Sanctuary Involve?

First off, we want to make sure that all of our volunteers know how to be safe working with outdoor farm animals. We also suggest bringing appropriate attire such as rubber boots, gloves, clothing that can get dirty/coveralls or old clothes. If you are sensitive to dust when cleaning stalls please also bring a mask.

Lucy - Happy Herd Farm SanctuaryCleaning of Cows, Pigs, Donkey, Goats & Sheep Stalls:
– Raking up old hay and poo into wheelbarrows
– Dumping waste on to designated dump site
– Replace bedding (straw or shaving)
– Filling hay mangers
– Emptying, scrubbing, cleaning and refilling water barrels
– Sweep and pick up waste in goat pen

Cleaning of Chicken Coops Daily:
– Clean and refilling water bowls
– Quick clean of waste
– Feed grain from grain bin into their bowls
– Gather eggs for later feelings for the animals

Cleaning of Chicken Coops Monthly:
– Strip all old bedding from floor and nesting boxes
– Put down light layer of lime and then cover with shavings
– Refill nesting boxes with shavings

Meal Preparation:
– Sorting vegetables and fruits
– Discarding unusable items
– Chopping up smaller portions for cows and mixing with grains
– Preparing meal platters for pigs and donkey.

Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary HensAnimal Care:
– Brush and play with the animals
– Pigs love belly rubs
– All animals love to be groomed
– The pigs need mud holes filled with water in the hot summer weather

General Tasks:
– Breaking down cardboard boxes for recycling
– General clean up of barn area
– Store tools in proper area and tidy up
– Weeding/watering garden/plants
– Emptying grain bags into bins and mixing them
– Dump Run
– Feed Supply Run
– Moving Hay
– Painting fences/houses

Skilled Trades or Handy Person Jobs:
– Fence repair
– Painting
– Various repairs and building maintenance (carpentry, electrical)

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