We asked one of our volunteers to describe a typical volunteer day at the Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary. This is what Connie had to say:

What is a typical day like volunteering at the Happy Herd? Well it is always atypical. That’s what makes it so fun. The animals can be so silly and funny sometimes and often there are one or two residents who require a little extra love and care on a given day. This Saturday there were two.

Rusty the goat has been ill lately. We’ve been watching his poo and his pee and giving him extra treats of apple and melon, and pepto bismol. Today he needed his bum cleaned. We all decided that this special task is best completed by Mom = Diane. So two of us held him while Mom cleaned his bum. Now that sounds like a simple task: just hold the goat still. But it is amazing how strong the goats and sheep are. Just grab his horns and hold him, we are told. As usual, I refer to my fellow volunteer Alison for jobs like this, she has no fear! You get the horns and I’ll hold him from the middle I say. Sorry Rusty, it is embarrassing we know, but you will feel so much better afterwards. With lots of kind words, and loving pets, we get the job done.

Next job is to give Popcorn the rooster some medicine. This requires catching and holding this large rooster. He is the big man of the farm, this is his place, again sounds easy? Yeah, not so much… We corral him near his house, but he’s a smart one! He goes under the house and hides, he’s no fool. We lure him out of there but he takes off towards the bushes, he’s a fast one! Who knew roosters could run so fast. He is so on to us, so we need to take a break from the big bird catch and ignore him for a while so he can relax. An hour later he strolls by a fenced area and we quickly and easily gate him in, problem solved. Now who can grab and hold him while Mom gives him his medicine? Oh Alison, you were so good with Rusty, how about you hold him and I will back you up, lol. Medicine down the beak, all done, what’s next? In the meantime, I had left the bag of shavings in the housing area, and when I look over I see that that Finn and Mowat have ripped thru the bag and shavings are everywhere. Did we put those brooms away yet? Never a dull moment.

Feedings done, houses cleaned, poops are scooped, waters cleaned and filled, snacks given to the pigs, looks like we are done for another day. Now we can spend some time with the new babies Linus and Gibbles. Linus is so funny, he gets so excited whenever he sees Diane. He got the major lamb zoomies and ran and jumped and bucked for so long, trying to get Mom’s attention today, while Gibbles bleated encouragement.

Lots of love and laughs happened at the Happy Herd today. Which is a very typical day!

Thank you Connie for this great write-up! If you are interested in joining our fantastic volunteer crew, find out more on our Volunteer Page.