Roxy is a friendly and adventurous chicken who arrived at the Happy Herd in August, 2021. Roxy came from a local poultry farm, she was not growing as fast as the other chickens and being picked on so the farmer brought her inside the house. Roxys sweet personality won over the farmer and they ended up forming an emotional bond. Because of this the farmer decided to spare her life and bring her to the Sanctuary.

Roxy settled right into her new home, adopting Snowflake as her chicken mom, Dolly Parton, Sansa, and our two rescued silky chickens, Ziggy and Bowie, as her older chicken siblings, as well as Indigo and Nomad, who are from a poultry farm in the interior of B.C. 

Roxy is a Cornish Cross (meat) chicken, which means she has been selectively bred to grow so quickly that she would be ready for slaughter at only 8 weeks old–her natural lifespan being up to 10-12 years. Because of this, we have to constantly manage her weight so that she can have a good quality life. This means a restricted diet including non-starchy vegetables and leafy greens as treats, and a special low-fat chicken food costing over $100 per bag.

Roxy and her flock are looking to be sponsored, if you would like to sponsor Roxy please view our sponsor an animal page.

How can you help Roxy? These are some of her basic needs – a sponsor or donation can help her directly.

  • Specialty Grain
  • Produce
  • Bedding
  • Vet