Newsletter May 2020


We welcomed two tiny lambs to the Herd in March. Lincoln was born at the same commercial farm as Linus (photo: left) but Lincoln’s mother rejected him, so the farmer gave him to us. Lincoln (photo: middle) is very energetic, loves the couch, and to sleep in front of the fireplace. The same thing happened to Lola (photo: right) at a farm in Abbotsford. Lola has had some trouble, we believe she may be dwarf, and she recently came down with pneumonia but with some quick vet advice, she’s already starting to feeling better.
They lived in the house up until this week. They still require bottle feedings multiple times a day. They keep us on our toes!

Help us care for Lincoln and Lola! You can give through Canada Helps, Paypal, e-transfer via, or cheque (our mailing address).

Gibbles recovers from surgery

Gibbles, our newest goat, had surgery on his leg and dislocated knee. Big shout-out to Dr. Ken and Townline Vet. Gibbles is making an amazing recovery and is already slowly running to keep up with Linus.

We’re raising the roof (weather permitting)!

Woot woot! Steve, and volunteer Zack, will put the roof on the new barn, giving the Lulu and Lily the pig family, some additional shelter from the elements.

Recycle for the Happy Herd

Think of us when you taking in your bottles for recycling (in BC, Canada)! The funds you get back can be given directly to Happy Herd. Just use account #E068602. Every little bit helps!

Catch us on Crave TV

CTV’s Etalk show host Chloe Wilde goes on a life-changing journey for the mind, body and soul, visiting the Herd in the process, and playing with the pigs! She had an emotional reaction when discussing animals as food. Watch Healthy is Hot, episode 3, on Crave TV.


Saying goodbye to Walker

These last few months have been hard on us, well before COVID-19. No longer will our dear friend Walker greet guests at the gate, or look after every chicken like it is his own baby. It was his time, he was 13 years old, and had been ill the last two years. He’s in a better place now. You’re a good boy, Walker.

And Mr. Monk

Someone who also shared Walker’s love of the outdoors is Mr Monk, who also passed away. Mr Monk was 11 years old, and suffered an aggressive oral cancer. He was so affectionate and loving. We’ll miss him and his regal whiskers.

Getting hit by COVID-19

And finally, yes, COVID-19 has affected us at the Happy Herd. We see less of our friends! Enough volunteers are still able to come out so far, but we are not holding tours at this time. Not only do we miss the human interaction, we also miss the donations. Donations from our generous visitors would typically cover grain for all the animals, about $1500-$2000 every month.We know some people are unable to work, and many businesses and charities are also suffering. If you are able to help us cover a portion of the animals’ costs, it would mean the world.

As a registered charity in Canada, we can issue donation receipts which can be used for credit on your tax return. We can now accept regular monthly donations which really helps us to plan the budgeting.

We hope you are keeping healthy and safe. Keep up with us on Facebook so you can join our live virtual tours! And please don’t hesitate to reach out online and connect.

Diane and Stephen 


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