Major Sponsors of Happy Herd – Thank You!

Happy Herd acknowledges the contributions from everyone to keep our farm operating and providing a long term home for at-risk animals. Some of our major sponsors who have provided us substantial valued services, products or funds are outlined below. Recognition of their generosity is necessary and we hope you will utilize their products and services for yourself.

Vancouver Humane Society
The Vancouver Humane Society envisions a future in which humanity recognizes and respects the inherent rights and needs of all animals – a society in which all animal cruelty is unacceptable and animal protection is valued and acted upon by the public and its policy makers.

Vancouver Humane Society

FVWD Enterprises
They have donated this website and internet marketing for it at no cost. We appreciate their donation and look forward to having a long lasting relationship with them. Thank you to Colin and Shawna for helping out The Happy Herd. Be sure to like them on Facebook and visit their website today.

Fraser Valley Web Design - FVWD

Carson Au Photography
Although I only started doing photo documentation for animal rights events a few months ago, my love affair with photography began at a very young age.  I was always fighting for the camera when taking family photos.  My dad bought me my first point and shoot camera at age 12, and I started taking portraits for money at 15.  I first attended a technical photography program, and then I swung 180 degrees and got a degree in conceptual art.

Carson Au - Headshots Club
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