Farm Animal Sanctuary Donations Always Welcome

Our Farm Animal Sanctuary survives on the generous donations of our following. It is amazing how small donations can mean so much to the animals and how larger ones really make a massive difference. We have had many services donated to us to allow the farm to focus on raising money for the animals. Some of our supporters including individuals, families and organizations have hosted events to collect generous sums of support.

We take pride in telling you that all money collected goes directly to supporting the animals. Through the help of regular volunteers, we are able to eliminate the cost of labour around the farm.

Betty - Happy Herd Farm Animal Sanctuary

Your generous donations will provide our animals the following tasty meals and comfort. This is a general outline and sometimes the cost of the items can go up due to supply and demand fluctuations.
$ 5.00 – Buys us grain for just one of our residence Goats for one week: Mowat, Farley, Casey, Patty, Fin or Norman
$10.00 – Buys us grain for one of the following residents per week: Lucy, Percy, Betty, Sparky, Scooter or Desi
$15.00 – Buys us hay for one hay loving non-human family member per week
$25.00 – Buys us grain for all of our goats and sheep together for one week
$50.00 – Buys us grain for Baby, Percy, Lucy, Betty, Sparky, Scooter & Desi for one week
$75.00 – Buys us grain for two roosters, Chicabowwow, Stewie and their ladies for one week
$100.00 – Buys us hay for all of our hay loving non-human family members per week
$150.00 –  Buys us straw and shavings (for bedding) for all non-human family members per month

We Also Need Items Like:

  • Wheelbarrows
  • Pitch Forks
  • Plywood
  • Garden Hoses
  • Hand Sanitizing Stations
  • First Aid Kits

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