During the summer we got a call from a supporter who suddenly had a mass of escaped turkeys on her lawn. Leaving Steve to care for our gang, I drove to Chilliwack and arrived just behind Animal Control. Together we were able to catch all 17 and talked about finding homes for them. They had to be held for 48 hours to give the owner time to respond and also pay a huge fine for their escape. Due to the size of the fine, I started finding homes for them, ready for their release. It turned into a sad day when we found out that the owner paid the fine and removed them back to his farm. Their fate was sealed.
A couple of months later, the same lady called with 1 turkey on her lawn and this time did not call anyone but us. She was able to cage the turkey and bring her to live here. We named her Lizzie.
Fast forward 5 months and suddenly we noticed changes in Lizzie as she matured. We have since changed “his” name to “Leonard”…..oops, never said we were experts!