The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary is excited to welcome two new baby goats to the farm!

Smudge and her two baby goats

We’re happy to announce that Smudge gave birth to twins baby goats (a boy and a girl) on February 16th, 2019!

It was a very quick birth with the first  born at about 11:30pm and the second was born by 11:45pm. Both have been checked out by the Happy Herd veterinarian and have been given a clean bill of health

Mom is doing well and is doing a great job at caring for her kids. She isn’t too protective but is definitely keeping an eye on them as they explore their surroundings. We haven’t picked names for these two yet, so stay tuned!

Smudge came to the Happy Herd back in late October after she and another goat, Puddin’, were seized from a home by an RCMP officer.  At the time we didn’t know that in fact both goats were pregnant. Puddin’ is expected to give birth to her baby or babies by the end of this week!

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