We are happy to announce the safe arrival of the second round of baby goats at the Happy Herd!

Baby Goats at the Happy Herd

Momma Puddin’ gave birth to 3 baby goats on Saturday February 23, 2019. The first was born around noon and the other two shortly after. Puddin’ gave birth to 1 boy and 2 girls.

Unfortunately, when the vet came to give the babies their check up, the boy was found to have a genetic deformity of his small intestines.  We are sad to say that he decision had to be made to put him down.

The two baby girls were both given clean bills of health and are doing well. Along with Smudge’s two babies that arrived on February 17th, we now have 4 baby goats at the farm!

Puddin’ arrived at the Happy Herd in late October along with Smudge. Click here to read more about their story.

Fun Facts about Goats

As we’ve been having so much excitement at the farm lately with goats, here are some facts about these animals you may not know:

  • Baby goats are called kids
  • Kids can stand within minutes of being born
  • Goats have a gestation period between 150 to 180 days
  • We call mature female goats a ‘doe’ or a ‘nanny’
  • We call mature male goats a ‘buck’ or a ‘billy’
  • The typical lifespan of a goat in the wild is 9 to 12 years but can live to be 15 years old
  • Goats have rectangular pupils, which allow them to see almost everything in their periphery except what is directly behind them (about 320-340 degrees). For comparison, humans can only see about 180-210 degrees.

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