About the Farm

The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary provides a forever home for all types of animals. They live out their entire lives in a beautiful, natural setting, treated with kindness and respect.

It all started with Desi Moo Moo, our first calf. When he was just 2 weeks old we welcomed a tiny piglet, Lucy, and the two immediately bonded and became life-long friends. As Desi got bigger they both joined Baby the donkey and her best friend Betty Big Nose, grazing in a huge field. One year later we got two male calves, Scooter and Sparky, and we officially announced our home, The Happy Herd, in 2014!

The Happy Herd is located in the beautiful Fraser Valley, just south of Vancouver, B.C., Canada, on 4 acres. The feeling that anyone who visits gets is a calm, safe place and the animals who arrive seem to feel it too. We are thrilled at how many kind and caring people have found us and want to share this experience.

Diane and Stephen have always had animal companions in their lives, they could not imagine ever living without them. The animals have taught them courage, hope, strength, compassion, patience and unconditional love. When you spend time at The Happy Herd you will soon realize that all animals get along, it’s like out of a children’s picture book.

All family members of The Happy Herd will melt your heart and leave a life-long impression!